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Borderline :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 1 0 Made in China :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 1 0 Sunrise sky :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 3 0
Bright Shadows, Part V
  I was fuming when she hit me, but as she carried on, I felt myself drawing back. You want me in my place? Fine. I let her slap me and yell at me and I just stood there like the bond-guard I was and when she curled up on the floor and cried I just stood there and looked at the wall. I didn’t move as she sniffled her way to her bed and blew out the lantern and I slept on my feet that night because she had never said I could go to bed.
  I only half-slept as the sun came up and Alexandria didn’t stir until noon. She had her maid bring her some food and then went back to sleep. I couldn't tell if the maid intentionally gave Alexandria much more food than she'd eat, or if it just happened that way, but Alexandria ate only a small part of the meal the maid brought up. The rest, I neatly polished off after Alexandria had fallen back asleep. It was the first food I'd had since the
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Transplanted :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 1 0 You can almost believe it's natural :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 2 0 Rocky beach :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 2 0 Painted dragon :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 1 0 They are watching :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 2 0 Tree in the forest :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 1 0 Sun on the water :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 1 0 Nightmare hall of fame :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 0 3 People in the walls :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 0 0 Urgent business :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 1 0
Bright Shadows, Part IV
  “What do you think?” I asked Rikkish as I spun in my orange and red gown. “Is it enough?”
Rikkish shook his head.
  “No, no, no. It’s all wrong,” he said, chin in hand as he sat lightly on the edge of my bed. “I’m quite sure that the law forbids anyone from being so beautiful.” He sighed dramatically. “You’ll have to find something else. Oh, and,” he waved a hand around his head, “you’ll have to do something with your hair too. It’s much too pretty.”
  I smacked him on the shoulder and turned back to my mirror. I did look pretty nice. I just hoped I looked nice enough. Tonight was the ball, the annual city ball where all the girls like myself who had just become women would look for husbands, and where all the handsome lads in the city would look fo
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Mallard dusk :iconwintersmith6:Wintersmith6 0 0


Gaming Eyes :iconlighane:Lighane 841 146 Harmony :icont1na:t1na 641 13 Sydney Sunset :icontarjakart:TarJakArt 189 30 Mount Lemmon Sunset :iconalltheoriginalnames:alltheoriginalnames 103 8 What We Need :icondeb-e-ann:Deb-e-ann 152 29 Farewell :iconphoenixfeatherxlight:phoenixfeatherxlight 220 24 Male Sparrow :iconmrducky97:MrDucky97 42 2 Last Light :iconsacrumbra:sacrumbra 53 5 The Bird Song :iconbuzzastral:BuzzAstral 29 3 Polaris :icont1na:t1na 669 15 Wildflower Explosion :iconstevendavisphoto:StevenDavisPhoto 210 12 Alone In The Levander :iconmafista:mafista 30 0 Orchidea and water drops :iconsabiritip:Sabiritip 93 2 Remnants of the Past :iconmajentta:Majentta 126 13 Hanoid Map :iconaugustinasraginskis:AugustinasRaginskis 196 24 Clever As A Fox - SpeedPaint :icongoldendruid:GoldenDruid 277 22



Happy pi day, everyone. One of the best holidays on record :)Happy Pi Day! 
Happy Lunar New Year everyone. You know, with enough different calendars, we could just celebrate the new year every day. And then there would never really be a distinction between the old year and new year. So "New Year" would kind of lose it's meaning. A year of New Years'.
   I have noticed of late that there are many people out there in the business of llama-laundering. By this I mean giving out llamas with the expectation of receiving one in return. Now, granted, I am totally new to the concept of llamas on DeviantArt, but my personal view of llamas is that they are tokens of appreciation. If I like your work, I might favorite it. If I like a lot of your work, I might watch you, or if I just like you and your stuff, I might give you a llama to say that I appreciate what you do and I hope you keep doing it.
   Now, I don't know as I can say this without sounding conceited, but if you want to give me a llama, please do it because you genuinely like what I do. If you are llama-laundering, please do not include me in your quest unless you're laundering llamas to save some poor puppy in Australia who can't have a treat unless you launder a certain number of llamas and I am the very last person you can turn to ('cause I'm sure that's totally a thing :) ). If you need my help, just ask. Send me a llama with a note explaining why you're llama-laundering and I'll send it back to you. IF YOU SEND ME A LLAMA WITHOUT A NOTE EXPLAINING THAT YOU ARE LLAMA-LAUNDERING, I WILL ASSUME IT IS A GENUINE GIFT AND I WILL RESPOND AS SUCH.
   In total, if you send me a llama, I will come to your page to thank you and to check out your work. If I really like what you do, I might give you a llama back. I also might not. If I've sent you a llama, I do not expect you to send me one in return. When I give you a llama, it is a genuine gift for which I do not expect recompense. That said, if you really like what I do, of course feel free to gift me with these woolly wonders.



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United States
I'm from a small town, so I spent most of my life wandering in the woods, making up stories about all the stuff I wanted to do. Writing is one of my passions. You might notice, photography is also big part, and most of my pictures are from the same woods that inspired (or at least gave me a place to think up) my stories.


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